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How to choose the right insurance company that suits your needs

If you’re an individual or a company looking for ways to insure your property, or even health, choosing an insurance

Benefits of a Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive auto insurance may sound very intimidating and overwhelming for many, especially for first-time car own

Coronavirus: Kenyan insurers cover health costs

The Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) requires the insurers that all pandemic claims be settled in full.

Kenya Among Top 3 Fastest Growing and most profitable Reinsurance Markets in Africa

Kenya, Nigeria and Morocco are the fastest growing reinsurance markets in Africa driven by the size and diversity of

Insurance sector players urged to go digital to cope with Covid-19 realities

Players in the insurance sector have been urged to speed-up the industry’s digitization process so as to be able to c

Here’s why you should offer health insurance to your employees

Today, the cost of healthcare in Kenya has risen drastically, thanks to the evergrowing demand for medical services.

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